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Norwegian polar explorer legend Børge Ousland and French all-rounder adventurer Vincent Colliard have started an amazing long-term expedition project aiming to ski across the 20 world largest glaciers, the Alpina Ice Legacy Project.
Glaciers are in fast decline due to rising temperatures, causing threat of long-term sea level rise. They are crucial as a fresh water source for millions of people worldwide. This is why glaciers need to be better known, considerated and protected. The world needs to find technical and political solutions to the environemental crisis. This long-term expedition is meant to be an incubator to that process, a visual example and a window to what is happening.
The project combines athletic prowess, human adventure and the sharing of knowledge about the polar environment with as many people as possible, so that future generations may enjoy the fascinating and priceless legacy of glaciers and icecaps.
Børge Ousland and Vincent Colliard wear the Alpina Smartwatch in their crossings to monitor their activity in sleep. Knowing their body data helps them to perform better.